The Legend of…

“kelda is a talented band with a genius for bittersweet love songs…”

–Sarah Torribio-Bond, Music Connection Magazine

“Music is in my blood…” Growing up listening to musical tales of her family: from the experimental jazz of her father and her uncle, Ornette Coleman, to her mother, a singer on Broadway… Kelda could not help but set out to create a musical legend all her own.

Before the age of 18, Kelda had moved all over the country, living in six states and attending 11 schools. The only constants in her life were God, her mother and her piano. Even during these troublesome moves, usually involving great distances, her mother always insisted on bringing the antique, upright Nordheimer piano along. And so at the early age of five, Kelda discovered her passion for the piano. Ever since, she’s had ebony and ivory on her mind.

Her musical transformation really began to take its course when Kelda learned to compose and altered her focus from Bach and Chopin to her own creations. As she has stated, “the journey of songwriting has made all the difference.”

With musical influences from Tori Amos to Lauren Daigle, Kelda’s unique and hypnotic songs can liven the hungriest of audiences and sooth the loneliest of hearts. Kelda has released 2 EPs, the 2nd of which (“Carried Away”) was produced by Geza X (Meredith Brooks). She has also released 2 full-length albums, the 1st of which (“Detour”) was distributed by ADA (Warner Music Group) and featured artists such as Daniel Shulman (Garbage) and Andreas Straub (Run DMC).

Kelda has played all over Los Angeles at clubs and coffeehouses, as well as New York, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Europe. She has opened for artists such as Kanye West, Tyler Hilton and Mae. Her music has been licensed for hit shows such as Cold CaseThe Real World, and Road Rules as well as various indie films. She also has the honor of being a worship leader at her church in Los Angeles.

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